Putting capital at work in world futures markets

Our philosophy is to give institutional investors and private investors the opportunity to invest in innovative funds in futures markets in developed and developing countries.

Our fund offers are differentiated to allow different type of risk tolerant investors the chance to achieve higher returns in fundamental driven energy markets.

We can create together a strategy for long term investment using positioning and swing trading strategies to maximise the returns

Developed world capital fund

Futures on CME,ICE, EUREX (SP500,Euro stoxx 50, Nikkei 225, 10-year Treasuries, Euro bund, FX, WTI and Brent oil, henry hub natural gas, soft commodities

Global capital fund

Our main offers: using data and simple rule based trading to achieve higher returns with a focus on taming volatility and risk inside the portfolio.

The instruments used to build the portfolio are the ones used in the developed world capital fund but with the addition of SGX Nifty 50 from the National stock exchange index and the FTSE 50 A share China.

Going forward more asian based exposure will be added mostly China based futures.

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A to Z portfolio building with systematic trading framework

The objective is to create with the customer a portfolio of bonds, equities,  energy, metal and soft commodities futures in North America, Europe and Asia using our in-house trading capabilities and strategies and risk management systems.




Our message


Our goal is to demystify global energy investments by offering capital exposure to volatile markets to extract higher returns but with a strong risk management.


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